About BCM Advisors

As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, BCM manages money for clients like you on a discretionary basis – while also providing goal-based financial planning services. We sell no investment products whatsoever that carry the baggage of a conflict of interest between you – the client – and us. No annuities, no insurance policies, no private offerings or REITs, nothing. Period.

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Our Principles

At BCM Advisors there are three principles that guide us in providing our services to our clients: Clarity, Conviction and Courage.

Clarity – developed through analysis and discussions with clients to clearly define the direction, path and data that drives our investment approach and goals-based financial planning.

Conviction – with a clear understanding of what needs to be done, a strong sense of the necessary actions to be taken can be formed.

Courage – with a clear understanding and a commitment to the right course of action, the ability to implement those actions with confidence.

Why BCM Advisors?


BCM was founded in 1986 and our advisors have 30-plus years of experience in advising clients. During this time, we have seen a thing or two. We have guided our clients through the ups and downs of market cycles including the dotcom boom and bust, the 2008 financial crisis and most currently the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your Goals

Our investment and financial planning approach is designed with one thing in mind – to help our clients reach their financial goals.


Since 1986, BCM has operated with the highest standard of client care, steadfastly adhering to our fiduciary duty of putting the client’s interest first above all else. Join us in being part of what we consider our “BCM family”.

Meet the Advisors Who Serve You

When you partner with BCM Advisors you benefit from a team of financial advisors with decades of experience and training. We are committed to the highest levels of professionalism as evidenced by the numerous credentials and degrees held by our advisors. Since 1986, we have helped a diverse and extensive list of clients to achieve financial success throughout a wide variety of markets and ever-changing operating environments — and we can do the same for you.

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Joseph “Bo” Billeaud

Founder & Managing Partner

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Hille Domingue

Chief Compliance Officer

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George W. Holland, IV

Director of Advisor Services

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Montgomery Gossen, CFP®

Director of Financial Planning

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Erin Despot McMenemon, CFA®

Chief Growth Officer

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Jonas Lowery, CFP®

Financial Planner

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Lenox Brown, CPA

Operations Director

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Leslie Campora

Portfolio & Client Service Administrator

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BCM Advisors, LLC is an independent investment advisory firm focused on risk-managed, balanced portfolios, with a goal of successful capital growth and wealth preservation.


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