All-Weather Balanced Strategy

Strategy Overview

The BCM All-Weather Balanced Strategy seeks to achieve equity-like returns over full market cycles, with lower volatility than a fully invested equity portfolio. The strategy is implemented utilizing index funds and ETFs with low turnover and serves as a core component of a diversified moderate asset allocation portfolio.

Investment Process

The BCM All-Weather Balanced Strategy is constructed with both a Strategic Core and Tactical Allocation component. The Strategic Core allocation is focused on dividend-paying stocks and intermediate term high quality bonds. The Tactical Allocation is focused on large cap stocks and long duration bonds, and is the sleeve of the portfolio that is adjusted commensurate with the outlook of the BCM Market Risk Modelâ„¢

Strategy Inception

Million Dollars in Strategy Assets

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Strategy Materials

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Market Risk Model

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Intro Webinar

BCM Portfolio managers introduce the All-Weather strategies


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