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The Best Way For You to Achieve Success

You have probably heard from various sources about the “best” way to invest. Here’s the truth. The “best way” is for you to be provided with a plan that generates consistent success over the long term. The “best way” is for you to be provided with a portfolio that you can live with through the ups and downs of life (and the volatility of financial markets). The “best way” is for you to trust proven professionals like the team at BCM who will always focus on your best interests – and nothing else. With BCM, you can always be sure we’ll take care of your portfolio as we would our own.

BCM All-Weather Balanced

Strategy Overview

The BCM All-Weather Balanced Strategy seeks to achieve equity-like returns over full market cycles, with lower volatility than a fully invested equity portfolio. The strategy is implemented utilizing index funds and ETFs with low turnover and serves as a core component of a diversified moderate asset allocation portfolio.

Investment Process

The BCM All-Weather Balanced Strategy is constructed with a strategic, economically-based asset allocation. The diverse asset allocation is focused on a long-term investment horizon and includes broad-market domestic stocks, high quality bonds, and gold.


BCM Advisors, LLC is an independent investment advisory firm focused on risk-managed, balanced portfolios, with a goal of successful capital growth and wealth preservation.


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