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Client Update

Client Update Monday, March 23rd, 2020 The U.S. economy is a $22 trillion behemoth.  Like an extremely large ship, it takes a lot to change its speed and direction.  Those adjustment usually can’t turn on a dime.  Under normal economic conditions, the signs of change...

Lagniappe December 2019

Just a little bit extra as we approach the end of 2019 Trusted Contacts Our industry has always placed an emphasis on protecting the interests of clients who are the target of fraudsters, especially the elderly who are more prone to such attacks.  To help in this...

BCM’s Future

Now that I celebrated that special Medicare birthday (ahem…,didn’t see that one coming) apparently the door has been opened for a few to wonder whether or not I am planning on retiring soon, and if so, what is the future of BCM? Retire? Absolutely not.  I’m much too...


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