The Goals-Based Planners

How Many Castles are Too Many?

I’ve put off writing about the topic of budgeting for some time now, probably for the same reasons that most people hate talking about it. Budgeting is boring, inconvenient, and restrictive. Aside from all that, many get to a point where they don’t feel they need a...

Staying Focused Through Chaos

As we cross into the second week of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, investor willpower is being put to the test.  On top of the war, investors are combatting inflation concerns and impending interest rate hikes that have initiated selloffs across multiple financial...

25 Years Ago

“What can we expect out of the stock market next year?” This question is posed regularly by investors, trying to get an edge on where the stock market might go tomorrow.  While most hope this will bring some sense of clarity to an investment strategy, it is merely a...

Gifts That Keep On Giving

As we approach Thanksgiving, and as we near the close of another calendar year, it’s a great time to think about how charitable giving might fit into your financial plan. While you might think of charitable planning as something only for the ultra-wealthy, there are...

Strapped For Cash

Strapped For Cash There’s an old adage - cash is king. Except, in today’s low-interest rate environment, cash feels more like the ugly duckling. It’s easy to see why many investors are turning more and more of their cashflow toward more productive sources – investing...

The Enduring Value of a Goals Based Approach

Last night, as I read a bedtime story to my kids, I noticed within it a particularly grown-up lesson. It told the story of two large stones sitting on the side of a hill, perfectly content with their view of the valley below. One day a bird comes along, and the stones ask the bird, “What’s on the other side of the hill?” The bird tells them of the beautiful, expansive mountain views and grand cities and castles, and the stones become very sad…


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