The Goals-Based Planners

Ignore Everything!

The hardest work in investing is not intellectual; it's emotional.  Benign neglect is, for most investors, the secret of long-term success. - Charley Ellis   I read a really good blog post today, written by financial planner Ashby Daniels titled - “TODAY’S...

The Enduring Value of a Goals Based Approach

Last night, as I read a bedtime story to my kids, I noticed within it a particularly grown-up lesson. It told the story of two large stones sitting on the side of a hill, perfectly content with their view of the valley below. One day a bird comes along, and the stones ask the bird, “What’s on the other side of the hill?” The bird tells them of the beautiful, expansive mountain views and grand cities and castles, and the stones become very sad…

Moving from Cash to Investing

When is the best time to plant a tree? In Montgomery’s last blog The Cost of Sitting in Cash, he pointed out the clear evidence that, for long-term investors, the best time to invest is now, and there can be a real cost to sitting in cash. As some clients have asked...

The Cost of Sitting in Cash

As of March 31st, 2020, the amount of money invested in cash reached an all-time high, registering $3.09 trillion, 88% higher than cash investments in 2008. It appears that investors are skittish on the financial markets and the economy - but at what cost? Aside from...

There’s an election coming!

Get ready for the fearless forecasts to start flying. “Every day, investors have to snowshoe their way through a blizzard of propaganda, misinformation, and incomplete and incorrect data. If you respond reflexively to that noise, you’ll do nothing but trade until you...


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