We added a new performance-related page to our website and believe it may be useful in understanding and tracking how we manage our client portfolios.

The Portfolio Fact Sheet page tracks in real time the actual aggregate performance of all BCM managed portfolios tagged to our two portfolio allocations (All-Weather and Growth). Client results should closely track both the index figures and the composite performance figures shown.

If you would like to discuss anything related to either the indexes, the composite performance figures, or your own account in particular, let us know. We are quite happy to discuss (anytime) the details of how we are managing our client portfolios.

Why are we doing all of this? First, we want to emphasize (again), and have understood, that we have a well-defined process that guides how our client accounts are invested. Also, we strongly believe that over this entire market cycle, our composite portfolio returns will – again – more than validate our tactical, risk-managed approach to investing. A full market cycle consists of two parts – an upswing, followed by a downswing. On the upswing, everybody is smart and investing looks easy. However, as Warren Buffett once wrote, it is only when the tide goes out (the downswing) that you can see who’s been swimming naked. Only performance measured across full market cycles is relevant. Thirty-two years of experience tells us that, sooner or later, it will be apparent that more than a few swimmers out there really should have been wearing their swim suits.

We remain grateful for the opportunity to work with our clients and the trust and confidence they have placed in us. Thank you!