Nick Murray is the advisor’s advisor.  I’ve recently been rereading some of his writings, which have been relevant, and remain so, especially today.  And by the way, this applies to all – obviously including us here at BCM.

Stocks won’t make you wealthy. Your behavior around stocks makes you wealthy.”

Nick Murray

When it comes to the financial markets, our reaction to market events is everything.  As disconcerting as coronavirus is, it is imperative to keep our eye on the prize and not let our fears – real as they may be – drive our actions. As Morgan Housel puts it, “The majority of long-term results are determined by decisions made during a minority of times, and right now is one of those times”.

Here at BCM, we have a thoughtful, well designed plan, which we believe will get us through this current situation.  While we certainly understand that everyone tends to respond differently to uncertainty, we sincerely believe that our balanced, disciplined approach along with our behavioral insights can help all of us remain clear headed as we navigate through this Coronavirus situation.

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