There is no denying that women are different—but in a GOOD way!  And what makes us different makes us amazing at some things you wouldn’t even expect (hint…it’s INVESTING).

Women have come a long way in terms of education and participation in the workforce, but still fall behind men financially—with less participation in the stock market and retirement savings.  A study by Schwab in 2018 concluded that young women were HALF as likely as young men to have an investment account.  They tend to take the role of “savers” and leave “investing” to men.

This is backwards because women have been proven in studies to be better at money management, controlling behavioral reactions, and long-term investing.  Women who do take the dive outperform men when it comes to investment returns.  In terms of how women view money, most are more risk conscious, and also willing to acknowledge and research what they don’t know.  They would generally prefer safer and less volatile investments with consistent track records.

Women have more long-term investment perspective than men and hence trade less frequently.  All in all, if you had to pick a better investor, more times than not, it’s a woman!  Women have less behavioral/emotional reactions, and they stick with their plan to benefit from market growth.  BUT in spite of all this, women still aren’t investing in a way that can help them gain confidence, independence, and future security.

The truth is this:

  • Women don’t save and invest as much as men.
  • Women spend more time caregiving and less time in the workforce.
  • Women live longer than men (making savings even more important).

But the good news is—women have many traits that make them GREAT investors, but just need to start thinking about themselves and listening to encouragement in the right direction.

Here are four things WOMEN should do:

  1. Save for your retirement—make it a priority and contribute regularly.  If you have a company 401k, make sure to contribute up to your employer’s company match!
  2. Don’t just save money, INVEST it!  The markets provide the best long-term value for building your wealth.  Stocks are an important part of any portfolio because of their long-term potential for growth and higher potential returns versus other investments like cash or bonds.
  3. Find a financial advisor that supports your goals and gives you the confidence to keep on track.  Women value doctors, trainers, coaches and should think of a financial advisor as another person to help them feel comfortable about their future and independence.
  4. Develop a financial plan.  The thoughtful and consistent nature of most women is a perfect complement to financial planning.  More than 60% of people with a written financial plan feel confident in their financial future, compared to only about a third of people without a plan.  You will never regret taking that unknown off your mind.

For everyone—empower those women around you (I am working on my mom and my young niece right now).  Whether you are 12, 45, or 68—there’s no time like the present.  You are in charge of your future, and studies show that women are pretty good at it!  Check out our All-Weather Portfolio ( and Viewpoint Planning ( if you want some help getting started.