Many of you have probably taken notice of our weekly blog, The All-Weather Investor, for insights on the financial markets, the economy and other tidbits of interest. After receiving great feedback from our readers, we are excited to focus more on two areas we view not only as cornerstones of our firm but great importance to your success as an investor: Investor Behavior and Financial Planning.

Many of the blogs will be dedicated towards these two disciplines to help you make good financial decisions. The Behavioral Investor will be spearheaded by Erin McMenemon, and she will focus on how human behavior (typically bad behavior) influences our investment decisions. I will be writing The Goals-Based Planner, which will focus on developing specific goals pertaining to your future 10, 20, or 30 years out to guide your financial decisions and ultimately financial success. Also, an invitation – if there is a specific planning topic or question you have, please email me at and I will be glad to look into it for you.